Our drones to help save lives ...

Our vision

We are all aware of the effects of climate change and we can all be confronted with natural and / or human disasters, floods, storms, avalanches, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, oil spills ...

Our mission

We create a network of volunteers who want to put their skills at the disposal of the relief and / or the services from their countries to help them during natural disasters, human, or research of people.

Our actions

Provide an accurate aerial view of disaster areas, or the search area, to rescue services engaged in the field.


Specifically locate people.


Embark and drop a first aid kit, a means of communication for example.

The site is made by us,

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Thank you for excusing us if some translations are incorrect or incomplete but for now we use the services of Google translation.

Catastrophes naturelles

Recherches et aides

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Association internationale de regroupement de télé-pilotes d'UAV Drone bénévoles

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Catastrophes naturelles

Recherches et aides

Déclaration préfecture de l'Indre N° W362004420


How to join us, and how is your membership going.

You are a professional telepilot, a hobbyist, equipped with approved flying equipment (drones, flying wings, ...) equipped with a camera with return of the image on the ground.

Here's how! In the pre-registration form, we ask you for the following information:


- Your email,

- Your identity (name or nickname),

- Your city of residence,

- Your postal code of residence


so that it allows us to locate you on our INTERNATIONAL Drone Emergency CARD.


As soon as possible (thank you for your patience), you will receive by email your "Volunteer Drone Emergency" card, this short questionnaire will allow us to get to know you better.


Drone Emergency Volontaire Benevolat Secours


We do not ask you for any dues, no entrance fee, but as you all know, an association needs funds to exist.


We thank you in advance for your contribution, for that, soon you will be able to click on the link HelloAsso, and by your donation participate in the development of your association.


You are webmaster, webdesigner, translator, ... we need your skills to develop DRONE EMERGENCY!

Dissemination and sharing

Hello, we are telepilotes of heart.

We join the Drone-Emergency association.

It aims to build and provide a database of people with a UAV (drone, flying wing ...) with a camera and a video return on the ground (or having even minimal knowledge in this area ) to help the various countries in the event of major disasters.

Membership is totally free and 100% volunteer.

Professional tele-pilots will probably be prioritized for the missions but amateurs or hobbies can also be solicited as an assistant or even simple volunteers to help the service of their respective countries.


Friendly Drone-Emergency